Group workshops are offered on an occasional basis in a variety of locations across the Dallas/Fort Worth area with signature classes such as “NAME OF CLASS” and “NAME OF CLASS”. These classes are hands on experiences including a thorough demonstration of Jaime’s approach and technique. Individual instruction with constructive feedback is given to each participant. The group classes are wonderful ways to refresh your design skills, learn new techniques and grow in confidence around the modern design trends.

You can see a full list of current classes at the top of this page. If you are interested in hosting Amy for a workshop in your city, please contact her here to start the conversation!


Amy has supported and trained many floral teams in a 1 or 3 day, hands on private group class. Key topics such as care and handling, mechanics, productivity, profitability, efficiency and design techniques are typically covered. As an experienced professional designer, Amy knows what it takes to get the work done well, in budget and on time. She loves to train designers in the nitty gritty components of design work including building speed naturally, focusing on efficiency and profitability and always designing with quality in mind. If you or your team want to freshen up your design styles, Amy would love to help. 

Contact Amy here for more details.  

Amy also offers phone consultations on any topic you would like to discuss regarding your floral business for a 30 minute or 60 minute flat rate fee. This is a wonderful resource to speak to a professional florist about difficult client issues, tricky installations or any topic you could use some mentorship around.

Contact Amy here for more details.